Secret Models has one goal: to help aspiring everyday individuals like you break into the Stock Photography Industry. The beauty of this sector is that it’s not elitist, exclusive and isn’t confined to just one body or facial type.

Some of the stock photography modelling areas we cover are:

Fashion (Editorial), Commercial, Plus Size & Petite, Swimsuit & Lingerie, Glamour, Fitness, Body Parts (Hands, Feet, Mouth etc), Promotional.

We put to full use our years of experience and industry contacts to support and guide our models (that’s you), step-bystep, from image creation to portfolio submission and beyond.

You’ll receive personal ongoing support to assist you in extracting as much revenue as possible from your Stock Portfolio.

Connecting you to the perfect commercial partner at the right time is something that no other similar UK company can offer. We constantly monitor global image trends to keep on top of the game so you don’t have to; even before booking you into a studio we’ll be working with you on style and look to make sure that what you bring to the table is utilised as effectively as possible.

Simply put, using our service, your images are much more likely to sell with our partners than through any other means available to you. Plus, whether clients choose to monetise their images or not, they pay less for and get higher quality images than if they went to a traditional makeover-only studio.


Our Services

We’re the only Stock Photography Management Company that can connect you to a network of the UK’s biggest Stock Photography Agencies, Photographers and Studios. Through your Personal Account Manager, you’ll be able to access and take advantage of the relationships that we’ve built up with our partners.

We’ll make sure that when we put you forward for a Photo-shoot, we’ve already done all the groundwork to make sure your session is fully customised to your needs.

We’re called ‘Secret Models’ because with us, you can earn from your portfolio as anonymously as you like, in areas that people rarely think about.

We all consume vast amounts of stock photography on a daily basis, most of the time without even realising it, and the demand for high quality stock images in every area is constantly growing. The only thing matching the amount of media we consume is the sheer scope of it.

Once we have a sense of who you are as a model and what you’re looking for, we will arrange to book you in for a full Photo-shoot with our trusted Studio Partners.

If you have worked as a stock photography model previously and already own a professional portfolio with copyright, we’ll need to know that you’re happy to sell your images to our partners. Please supply a link to your portfolio so we can see what you’ve already done and start planning how best to improve and expand it to your maximum benefit.

Once you have your portfolio finalised, you’ll be introduced to your Personal Account Manager.

They’ll connect you (and your images) to the best Stock Image Partner for your chosen area so you can start earning as quickly as possible.

Your Personal Account Manager will make sure you’re always in the loop on new projects, and you will get one-to-one guidance via phone and web.

Fortunately for our clients, our unique position in the industry means that when we’re connecting you to stock image companies, managing your growing portfolio and even when your images are selling through their platforms, you don’t have to pay us a penny.

You keep 100% of the revenue and you always control the copyright.

You won’t have to do anything whilst we’re marketing you, either. It’s completely free.

This is because our commission comes straight from their end, not yours.

We have a total of 9 Stock Image company partnerships which means we can always place the right images with the best commercial portals, ensuring we’re always maximising the potential of each and every image.

You’ll get paid every time your images are used on the UKs biggest stock photography sites.

The key here, and what we do so well, is to follow global trends and target specific areas that we know will sell consistently.

That’s why Secret Models is the UK’s Premiere Stock Image Photography company.